About our Hosted VoIP Solutions

Do you need a business telecoms system in your new premises? Or are you looking to move your existing phone system to 21st century standards?  Or maybe your looking to get rid of your old PBX based ISDN system with wires and servers all over the place?

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then chances are hosted VoIP is the solution for you. Our system is easily scalable for businesses of all sizes, fully customisable to take the system from a basic desk phone setup to a cutting edge multi location, international telecoms system with dedicated call recording, crisis recovery, video conferencing and much more.

What is Hosted VoIP?

Put simply, VoIP stands for “Voice over IP” or making and receiving phone calls over the internet rather than a telephone line, this sort of system has been around for quite some time now; your business might already use VoIP. 

Hosted VoIP is a modern standard for VoIP, Rather than paying out for thousands of pounds worth of call servers, PBX’s, SIP trunks and various other bits of hardware required to run VoIP,  you simply pay for a hosted licence per required terminal. Our Desk phones come pre-programmed and ready to work out of the box, also known as “plug and play”.

For Example, you take delivery of your new Hosted VoIP desk phone for your brand new business, you open the box, plug in the power and Ethernet (network cable) and you’re done. From here your phone will automatically connect to the cloud, which in this case the cloud means multiple UK based, cutting edge data centres.  The phone uses the cloud to manage and run your phone system, in the event your internet connection fails, our systems will divert all calls to your backup of choice, this can be mobiles, landlines etc., so you will not have to experience down time again.

Modern day Management

If you have dealt with traditional or SIP based phone systems in the past, then you will know what is involved when you want to make a change, it could be as small as adding an extension to a hunt group or switching a number to divert to a mobile.

Usually these kinds of jobs require submitting tickets to your telecoms provider and waiting for this to be followed up.  With our system, a portal is used for 95% of all changes; by default you will have access to the end user friendly portal, so you can do basic changes yourself should you want to. Alternatively you can call your account manager at B2B corporate directly, and they will make the changes for you in real time.

Why should I switch?

If you’re currently using an analogue system such as PSTN, ISDN2e or ISDN30e, then the answer is simple.  Every time you make a call on a traditional phone system, you are using the BT infrastructure to make that call. 99% of the time you will be paying per minute which will soon rack up pretty quick, Hosted VoIP uses the internet, which chances are you are already have in place for various other reasons, and unlike using a landline, broadband packages are nearly always unlimited.

So with this information in mind, hosted VoIP will more than likely save you a small fortune VS your traditional telephone system, coupled with a huge choice of additional services built into the service, you will be able to take advantage of solutions such as an automated attendant, free diverts and much more without having to pay £5 monthly fees for each these features.

Other reasons for moving to VoIP can be to take advantage of certain call centre features such as call recordings and wallboard displays, or maybe you’re just sick of looking at the birds nest looking server cabinet sat in your workspace making noise and taking up space.

​​​​​​​What can VoIP do?

  • Call Groups
  • Company address book
  • Music on hold
  • Time-based routing
  • Call barring
  • Presentation numbers
  • Performance reports
  • Diverts
  • Call forwarding
  • Call waiting/parking
  • On screen popups, SMS and email alerts
  • Quick dial shortcuts
  • Call line monitoring
  • Call transfers
  • Voicemail
  • Three way and conference calling
  • Auto attendant (IVR)
  • Call recording
  • Call queues
  • Wall boards
  • Wallboards

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