Mobile Phone Insurance

B2B Coroprate Ltd has teamed up with Supercover, a leading specialist in mobile & gadget insurance to offer you a vast range of value cover packages for mobile phones, laptops, tablets, tools in transit, key cover, briedcase cover & personal emergency cover. Mobile devices are a key factor in what keeps your business running smoothly, its not uncommon to take an iportant call or to give a presentatiob whislt on the move. This is why its important to keep your assests insured and securing a quick replacement serivce on your products. Wheter is a mobile, laptop or tablet these can be very costly to replace, protecting your gadgets with our insurance cover to give you total peace of mind - Call us on 01782 712379

What does this insurance cover?


Including unattended theft from a secure vheicle / premises. If your customer's mobile phone is stolen we will replace it.

Accidental Loss

Mobile phones and tablets only including ipads.

Accidendal Damage

We'll have their mobile phone fixed and pay for any incurring costs as a result of an accident. ncluding water & liquid damage.

Malicious Damage

If your customer's mobile phone is maliciously damaged by someone else, we'll fix it or replace it for them.

Extended Warranty

If your mobile phone suddenly stops working and your manufacturer's warranty has expired, we'll fix it or replace it for them.

Unlimited Claims

If your customer loses or has their mobile phone stolen and unauthorised calls are made they will be covered.

Worldwide International Cover

For 90 days at a time

Free Online Data Backup

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