About Our Energy Solutions

At B2B Corporate we understand that comparing the UK gas markets can be time consuming and sometimes extremely confusing to know what tariff and supplier to choose. We know that getting the cheapest business gas prices can in a lot of cases make a significant difference to your business.

We have access to the latest market leading prices from the business gas suppliers, including the leading UK energy companies, such as GDF, E.ON and SSE, as well as suppliers such as GazProm Energy, Corona Energy and UGP to name a few.

We are committed to providing your business with expert business energy advice. Your own dedicated account manager will oversee and guide you through the gas procurement process and will always ensure you are on the most competitive business gas rates tailored for your unique business requirements.

We provide instant business gas prices from all our major suppliers. We compare the whole market instantly and present you with the cheapest gas prices for your business needs. Our advisors have helped thousands of customers to beat their current gas tariffs and renewal rates and we have saved as much as 70%.

Switching energy suppliers can be daunting, but Fidelity Energy makes it easy. Almost 80% of our customers save a minimum of 18% when they switch electricity suppliers with us.

At B2B Corporare we understand the benefits that switching your business energy supplier can bring. Switching your energy supplier can:

  • Help you discover new deals from energy suppliers you may not be aware of
  • Give you access to longer or shorter contract terms that could help your business
  • An opportunity to resolve administrative problems that can occur with your meters or with your contract end dates

We’ve helped thousands of businesses switch their electricity energy supplier over the past twelve months. 80% of our new customers switch to a new energy supplier, while 47% of our existing customers switch to new suppliers when their electricity contracts come to an end. We’re energy switching experts.

We are also energy market experts, and that means we have access to more energy suppliers and to contractual terms that you may not be able to access by going direct. For instance, we can offer fixed price five year energy contracts up to 24 months in advance of your current contract end date, a deal you won’t find anywhere else in the market.

Switching energy supplier offers even more benefits to businesses operating across multiple premises. B2B can help you align your contract end dates and suppliers so that in the future all of your energy contracts can be renewed at the same time. This can substantially reduce your administrative burden, saving you time and resources.

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