About Our Fixed Line & Data Solutions

At B2B Corporate, we are in a great position where we can offer our customers a huge choice of internet service providers and a varied choice of fixed line telecoms solutions and SIP trunks.

Our solutions are all business grade, offering you FTTC as standard with options for Annex M and elevated throughput options and static IP as standard.  With choices of limited and unlimited packages you can pick the provider of choice and the package of choice, customisation of your package is almost endless.

Our platform allows us to build bespoke tariffs to meet the specific requirements of each customer we deal with, allowing you to only pay for services and products which you actually use as opposed to what’s included in some glorified bundle.

Products and services we offer

We have the full range of products and services to suit your business needs, from individual PSTN (analogue lines) to ISDN2e and ISDN30e Business phone systems run from a PBX, We also have the ability to migrate your old telecom system to a SIP based VoIP system or even replace it with a Hosted VoIP solution. We can provide all hardware from routers to switches, from PBXs to desk phones, all pre-programmed and ready to go, so you can spend less time configuring and more time speaking to customers.

Alongside the fixed line solutions we have the ability to supply business broadband from 6 different ISP’s and heavily reduced rates, we can offer a humble ADSL connection for sub £10,  or our most popular FTTC connection or all the way up the spectrum to a fully-fledged, dedicated and uncontended lease line.

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