About Our Business Mobile Solutions

Do the large mobile phone  networks really understand your business needs? Get the best of both worlds, the scale and resilience of the big networks combined with the flexibility and exceptional service provided by B2B Corporate.

They have been around for a long time but when it comes to business mobile phones do the networks really understand the intricacies of your business? Have you paid out of bundle charges for calls, texts and data because your business mobile plan does not fit your requirements? Have you suffered from bill shock because employees have gone abroad and you have not added the relevant bundles? And perhaps you are concerned about the security of your business network with lots of mobile devices accessing your servers. B2B can address all the above issues and much more besides with our business mobile phones, flexible plans, device management and security, business class network and outstanding account management and customer service.

Tariffs & Devices

B2B offers a range of mobile tariffs including single user, shared user, unlimited shared user and a selection of bolt ons including calls, texts, data, iPhone, Blackberry, international roaming and UK, EU and international mobile broadband. Alternatively we will work with you to find a bespoke package that suits your organisation’s needs precisely. B2B also provides a comprehensive choice of devices from all the major manufacturers and the device portfolio covering smartphones, tablets, dongles and MiFi units is updated continuously. We also support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) with our SIM only tariffs.

Buisiness Saving

B2B can cut your call expenditure on fixed lines and mobile.  On average, 17% of all fixed line business calls are made to company mobiles in the same organisation. B2B has a range of tariffs to suit all business types which will help you reduce and control call costs. If for example you take a B2B business service such as our SIP trunk service or Hosted Business Phone Systems we can offer free of charge calls to your Columbus contracted business mobiles as well. Calls between offices are also free of charge which can result in significant cost savings. Best of all, your fixed and mobile charges will be combined on a single bill and you will benefit from a single point of contact for all services.

One Supplier

If you are frustrated by dealing with multiple telecoms, mobile, broadband and technology service providers on a day-to-day basis you have definitely come to the right place. B2B has over 15 years of experience providing fixed line services, inbound numbers, call handling solutions, business phone systems, business mobile phones and business connectivity. By switching to B2B you will benefit from a one bill solution covering all of your essential telecoms and IT related expenditure, combined with significant cost savings, exceptional customer service and a single point of contact


B2B are able to offer your business a quotation on all of the major mobile phone networks; EE, Vodafone and O2 which means that we have the backing and reliability provided by the major networks but benefit from complete control of our business mobile proposition from mobile tariffs, data plans,  ordering, service management and billing.

We are in partnership with Tariffcom who are leading provider in bill audit's. Tariffcom carries out billing audits using BARTPlus, a sophisticated billing algorithm developed by us which recalculates the cost of every individual call on every alternative tariff.  We take into account all other tariff elements allowing our clients to structure their sales process around our report

All information supplied to us is kept strictly confidential, and we return all paper bills and do not save any electronic billing usernames or passwords. You and your clients can be assured we take privacy very seriously.

The detailed report gives a full breakdown of each user’s call profile and clearly demonstrates the savings that will be achieved by changing to your recommended tariffs. 
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